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              • Building Infrastructure

                that makes communities more liveable.

              • Building Value

                for clients and stakeholders.

              • Building Relationships

                based on trust and respect.

              • Building Engagement

                and a culture to support our Core Values.

              JJM Construction Ltd.

              As one of the premiere heavy civil and marine construction firms in BC, JJM Construction Ltd. provides the experience and expertise to bridge knowledge gaps and safely complete projects in difficult environments on time and on budget. We specialize in full-scope construction services for civil, marine, and combined civil/marine projects. Using our experience and expertise, we partner with clients and stakeholders, to develop innovative solutions that turn their visions into reality.

              JJM is a family owned company with a reputation for BUILDING TO LAST. This means we build infrastructure to last; make communities more livable; and enable project owners to support and promote economic growth, expansion and development in their region.

              We have successfully completed:

              • over 1,000 major construction projects in B.C., Alberta and the Pacific Northwest
              • projects ranging in value up to $64 million and with a total unadjusted value over $1.3 billion
              • large infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, ferry terminals, and airport improvements
              • industrial/commercial site development
              • demolition and landfill closures
              • sanitary sewer and water mains upgrades and improvements
              • environmental remediation projects
              • marine structures and dredging
              • foundation preparation and ground improvements

              Building on a foundation of safety, quality and performance, JJM is committed to innovation and environmental stewardship—pushing the industry forward while remaining mindful of the planet.

              Who We Are

              Why Choose Us

              Our Work


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