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              Contact Us

              The JJM Corporate Head Office is located in Delta, BC at the River Way Business Park. We also have a satellite office in Victoria, a business centre in Delta, as well as a warehouse and mechanical shop both located in Delta.

              The JJM Business Centre – 8850 includes meeting and training rooms with a 60 person capacity. It also includes an executive suite that is used for corporate lunches, dinners and social functions. The facilities are available full time and are a benefit to the company, allowing scheduling of large estimating, training and team activities.

              Our 10,000 sq. ft. of shop and warehouse storage facility is used by JJM as a small tool and project inventory supply control centre.

              Head Office Delta

              8218 River Way
              Delta, BC V4G 1C4

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              Warehouse Delta

              8850 River Rd
              Delta, BC V4G 1B5

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              Mechanical Shop Delta

              8828 River Rd, Delta
              BC V4G 1B5

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              Vancouver Island Office – Victoria

              1537 Hillside Ave
              Victoria, BC V8T 4Y2

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